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Department: Service
Location: Orlando, FL


Reports toRestaurant Manager

Summary of Position:                                                                                      

Welcome and warmly greet guests upon arrival. Manage the efficient and timely seating of our guests to a table that best serves their wishes.                                       

Duties & Responsibilities:                                                          

  • Greet guests, find out their needs, # in party & any special requests.
  • When possible, open the front door for guests entering or leaving the restaurant.
  • When immediate seating is limited, record guest names and number of people in party & provide an estimated wait time.
  • Inform guests when tables become available.
  • Accommodate special seating requests for guests whenever possible.
  • Seat guest guests based on guest preferences and balancing of customer flow in service stations.
  • Upon seating, offer guests a menu and inform them of their server’s name. Inspect table for proper presentation and completeness. 
  • Relay messages to servers and bus persons as needed.
  • Communicate with the culinary team
    • Always inform expo when large parties are seated.
    • Inform back-of-the-house when we you take a reservation for a large party.
  • Answer the telephone (within 3 rings), use scripted greeting
  • Take, place, assemble and distribute to-go orders.
  • Thank guests as they leave and invite them to return.


  • Although preferred, no previous experience required.
  • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time.
  • Be able to communicate clearly and effectively in the predominant language(s) of our guests.
  • Be able to multi- task effectively.
  • Must be outgoing and confident and have the ability to apply gentle assertiveness when necessary.
  • Must be able to handle counting a cash drawer, handle taking cash and making change.
  • Be able to ring in orders correctly, and assemble to-go orders properly to ensure Guest satisfaction.

Take Out Service from the Host Stand

  • Get your cash drawer from the cash office, count it and initial the calculator slip, then place in drawer. Once you leave the office, that drawer and the cash contents are completely your responsibility.
  • Always be polite to the guest and be sure to get correct order and information. There should always be a smile in your voice and on your face.
  • You should always be aware of kitchen ticket times.
  • Ask the guest if they are picking up right away (+ or – 15/20 minutes) or do they wish to pick up at a specific time?
  • Take the order down on a take-out pad, write legibly and concisely.
  • Ask for desired cook temperatures (medium, medium-well, well) on steaks, hamburgers and/or where ever else it is appropriate. 
  • Remind the Guest that all salads to-go are served with dressing on the side, this is done to keep the salad as crisp and fresh as possible.
  • Read the order back to the Guest at the end to confirm you have heard and written everything correctly.
  • Always ask if they would like any added sides, desserts or soft drinks with the order.
  • Ask if they require utensils, napkins, and/or condiments with their order.
  • Quote a time for the order to be picked up.
  • Enter the order into the Aloha POS System.
  • Open a new check and enter the Guests LAST name.
  • Check to make sure the order is correct before sending the order to the kitchen.
  • Let the guest know what the total check comes to if they are waiting for a total.
  • Explain to the Guest that they will come directly to the Host stand to pick-up their order and then thank them and let them know you look forward to seeing them when they pick up.
  • The order will either come to the host stand via a food runner, or you will have to pick it up from the kitchen.
  • Check the order to make sure everything the guest requested is in the bag. Attach copy of check and the hand-written take out order sheet to the bag.
  • Make sure to add napkins, utensils (if asked for), condiments, and a take-out menu to the bag.
  • When the guest arrives, greet them warmly, and read what was is in the order.  Ask if they need anything else, and ring the payment into the POS System.
  • Present the bag to the guest, have someone help them to their car if necessary and thank them for coming to the Ace Cafe.
  • At end of shift follow bar cash-out procedures and bring drawer to office after a manager runs your report.

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